School Trips


At Ardentinny Outdoor Education Centre, children and young people discover their potential through challenging activities like abseiling and canoeing. Developed for schools seeking quality outdoor education, our residential visits offer a variety of activities for learning, development, and fun. While specialising in primary and secondary school programs, we welcome all groups seeking outdoor challenges and growth.

A trip to Ardentinny is an adventure that challenges pupils to overcome insecurities and fears, fostering personal growth and confidence while providing new knowledge about themselves, their environment, and healthy living.

Our standard residential school courses combine outdoor activities like gorge walking, rock hopping, and canoeing with educational experiences in nature. Pupils learn teamwork, sharing activities, accommodation, meals, and duties while gaining firsthand experience of various natural phenomena.

Our school trips run Monday to Friday and include all activities, safety equipment, accommodation, and meals. A week-long trip offers the most benefits for young people, but we also offer shorter and longer visits.

We customise programs based on your group's size, age, and visit timing. Typically, a week-long stay includes seven daytime and three evening activities, ending with a celebratory disco. Activities are tailored to your group's needs. Let us know if you need a personalised program. Click here for a sample day/week at Ardentinny Centre.

Skills for Learning

Our Monday to Friday program at Ardentinny covers key elements of the Scottish curriculum, partnering with schools to achieve specific trip goals and supporting teachers and students throughout the process.

But no matter whatever other aims and priorities teachers have for their pupils while at the centre, all children and young people, specifically:

  • Develop skills and strategies which support them in challenging times (HWB 2-07a)
  • Experience the enjoyment and a high level of personal achievement daily by taking part in different kinds of energetic physical activities which they have chosen to do (HWB 2-25a)
  • Carry out different activities and roles in unfamiliar settings (HWB 2-19a)
  • Take opportunities to make friends and be part of a group in a range of situations (HWB 2-14a)

Skills for Life

At Ardentinny, we foster self-confidence, resilience, and well-being through outdoor experiences. Our courses empower children and young people to make informed lifestyle choices and pursue their ambitions. Regardless of the school or duration of stay, our programs include physical activities, goal setting, challenge engagement, and adaptation to change, preparing youth for a healthy adulthood.

Skills for Work

Ardentinny provides pupils with opportunities to develop essential skills aligned with the Scottish Curriculum, such as organisation, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. These experiences foster engagement, confidence, and understanding, supporting broader educational goals.